“I recently had the absolute pleasure of a session with Mistress Pussy Willow. She has a friendly but commanding presence and physically she’s absolutely stunning, 5ft9 or so, athletic but with a lovely, feminine build. I don’t think her pictures do her justice to be honest, her gaze with those mischievous eyes literally made me want to melt (in a pretty wonderful way).

I have a general weakness for bully girls who like to physically and mentally overwhelm anyone in their way, and she soon put me in my place in a friendly wrestle, integrating spanking, caning, wedgies, “forced” foot/armpit worship and general abuse as she simply overwhelmed me. Her headscissors are a divine but painful place to be in as her legs are very toned and incredibly strong. After forcing me to tap out a dozen times or so she started to introduce discipline and puppy training into the session to finally break my spirit, that’s when we moved to the dungeon and the fun really began! They have a very good setup there, plenty of toys, cages, swings and implements to inflict pain with, she revelled in introducing me to some truly mind blowing experiences, integrating bondage, CBT, puppy play, strap-on play and nipple torture for the remainder of the session. Overall, she gave me so many incredible memories that continue to keep me up at night, I honestly can’t wait for our next session.

She’s the perfect “girl next door” with a bully edge, passionate, fun, down to earth and keen to ensure you receive a truly memorable experience. She was extremely professional and genuine about handling my limits and interests, I would strongly recommend seeing her if you’re ever blessed with the opportunity.