Hello London!


How exciting it is to be finally living in that big smoke, I’m sure you’re as eager as I am for my presence.


So then little slutlings, I would like to tell you a little more about myself and what makes me happy so you are better equipped to make me happier.


I started life as a little northern girl from a small town where boys have girlfriends and girls have boyfriends and get married and make babies and send Christmas cards signed by all the family.


No wonder I had to leave!


Even then before I knew of the BDSM world, I knew I didn’t want to be a girlfriend.


So I escaped…


It started in New Zealand, where I met an incredible Dominatrix who recognised that powerful glint in my eye and taught me everything she knew about bringing submissives to their knees. Needless to say I took to it like a duck to water.


That first session, when I knew that it wasn’t just work was an incredible day. I acted out a particular fantasy of mine, strict school teacher teaching a boy how to stimulate his prostate, bent over a desk full of dildos, ruler in hand.


I never had never felt so excited before…


When I started to beat him and felt that warm glow spread through my body and saw the blissful look on his face I knew that I had found my true calling in life.


That was five years ago, since then I have been travelling the world, perfecting my skills and collecting toys and pets for my collection.


But even then I was a bit restless, as much as I loved this new world I found it very dark and leathery. As much fun as a bit of depravity and a black latex suit is sometimes I found all this darkness limited my colourful imagination. I wanted more stimulation.


Then I met my boy shaped puppy girl, aka the whiny little bitch princess slut puppykins. she has been my (pink sparkly) collared pet for two years now. Having a filthy little collared pet of my own helped me to learn how to truly get into the head of a submissive, and also gave me the freedom to explore and create my own particular style of domination. I can be dark sometimes, but I also love colour and giggling. Imagine a sadistic little girl dressing her barbies in pretty things, then smashing them and cutting off their hair. Now imagine you are the barbie! Pleasant thought isn’t it?

When I met my puppy she was sad and lonely and felt like she was the only person in the world who had these kinky thoughts and desires. Seeing her transformation from lonely boy to a contented beautiful puppy girl, tucked up in her pink puppy bed with her paws on, butt plug in and a hard cock makes me so very happy. Always my greatest pleasure as a dominatrix is finding the exquisite perverts, discovering what their pleasure is, not matter how hard or bizarre it is and helping them find acceptance and celebrate their true selves.


Because there’s always room for more pleasure isn’t there?


So now then London, I am here, living in the mother country for the first time in five years. I’m sure you can’t contain your excitement.  So let me take you by the hand (or paw) and I will lead you down the road of discovery and delicious deviancy…

I can’t wait!


Mistress Pussy Willow