London Mistress Pussy Willow


aboutHello sluts, pets, slaves and perverts, I am Mistress Pussy Willow. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how lucky you are that you have an opportunity for me to play with you.

Being dominant comes naturally to me, I have been taking charge for as long as I remember. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing my toys completely at my mercy on their knees, with that glazed look in their eyes… What bliss!

BDSM is not just my work, but my life’s calling. I am a lifestyle Domme with a unique style that I have been practising and perfecting whilst travelling the world for the last five years. My sessions tend to involve a lot of creativity and laughter (usually mine, as I enjoy your writhing and moaning). My favourite thing is to help my little petlings find, explore and accept their kinks and perversions, the filthier the better!

I am incredibly strong in all ways, it will not be hard for me to break you. I am soft and loving and will look after you in your darkest moments. I am gorgeous, of course and deserve worship. My desire for kink is insatiable, I want more!

So lets play.

Mistress Pussy Willow